Our 2017 Intern Program is currently being designed. Please feel free to contact us and provide your suggestion and/or things you'd like to do and learn. Your participation is the key to make our intern program a success!

Program Structure

Here is the high level structure of our Intern program: 

Core: Career Path, Communication, Interview Skills, and Leadership

What To Expect (Steps to Follow)    

 Steps What You Do What To Expect
1Send/Submit Your resume
  • You create & submit resume. 
  • We will contact you for a quick phone interview/discussion. 
 Research & Analyze Job Market
  • Understand the market (not just school class assignment). 
3 Self-Assessment
  • Review your experience, skills
  • Know your capability
  • Know your interest
  • Know your career aspiration 
4 Initial Discussion (1 on 1)
  • Discuss technologies/projects that you are interested in working on
  • Discuss your career goal
5 Create/Formalize Project Team
  • Project idea brainstorming
  • Define project
  • Define roles and responsibilities. 
6 Attend tutorial/work Sessions
  • Learn from project team leaders and peers. 
7 Participate in Team Meetings
  • Work on projects as a team
8 Complete Project Milestones
  • Accomplishment
9 Update Your Resume
  • Update Your Resume (with Confidence)
  • Explore some opportunities
10 Receive Certificate
  • You will receive Boston Software Group professional training certificate for the track you have been working/learning on. 
  • Update your LinkedIn Profile

The following is a list of popular tracks for project consideration

Track 1: Full Stack Development

Depending on your interest and your experience, you will be assigned to work on certain development area within a large project team set up. You are expected to learn new development skills with guidance provided by our experienced senior industry technology leaders. You will participate project team meetings and collaborate with your peers in a large project team set up. 

Track 2: Business Analysis and Project Development

Blah, Blah, Blah ...

Track 3: Cloud Dev/Ops

Blah, blah ...

Track 4: Data Solution & Analytics

Blah, blah ...