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Business Analyst (Quincy, MA)

posted Nov 7, 2017, 5:27 PM by Jen Huang

Job Description:

  • Responsible for coordinating with Subject Matter Experts (SME), Client vendors, and Client technical staff to support the implementation of key initiatives.
  • These initiatives are primarily comprised of state and federal mandates.
  • Responsibilities include but are not limited to the development, monitoring, and execution of project plans, implementation & stabilization plans, and trading partner testing plans to operationalize the modifications to HIPAA transactions as required.

Major Responsibilities:

  • Coordinate with SMEs, Information Technology teams (IT) and agency vendors to develop and execute project plans to implement agency initiatives; this includes ensuring that plans are inclusive of all key tasks, timelines are appropriate and resources are identified and timelines are met
  • Coordinate with SMEs, IT and agency vendors to develop and execute implementation & stabilization plans; this includes, but is not limited to, escalation procedures, go-no-go criteria, cut-over activities, contingencies and risks, critical implementation & operational readiness activities, as well as processes to monitor and stabilize operations post implementation (e.g. monitor defects, transition to operations)
  • Coordinate with SMEs, IT and agency vendors to develop, execute and monitor operational metric reports as required
  • Participate in Joint Application Design (JAD) sessions to validate business requirements; assist with tracking & resolution of related issues as required; review and validate the related Business Requirements Document (BRD)
  • Review and validate test cases and participate in User Acceptance Testing (UAT) as required; monitor and coordinate related issues with SMEs and IT as required.
  • Where applicable, evaluate implementation related business documentation (e.g. Companion & Billing Guides, communication materials, web pages) to ensure concepts and content is accurate and reflective of the current state of the initiative
  • Support the development of status reports and related monitoring materials; maintain reporting as required
  • Coordinate with SMEs, IT and agency vendors to support the development, implementation and monitoring of Trading Partner Testing (TPT) plans and approaches
  • For projects facilitated by an Implementation vendor, the FIC must validate project plans, implementation & stabilization plans and support related implementation activities as required; coordinate with the vendor to monitor and resolve issues, risks, and related issues as required
  • Utilize all standard project tools (i.e. clear quest, Mass Forge, MMIS Knowledge Center, Microsoft Project, Word, Visio, Excel, Power point etc.)
  • Facilitate, lead, participate in, and support other related project activities as required

Key Qualifications:

  • Demonstrable experience working on systems implementation projects and leading or coordinating implementation based activities with business and technical staff
  • Demonstrable experience with coordinating activities across several disciplines (e.g. multiple systems, multiple business units)
  • Demonstrable knowledge and experience with HIPAA batch transactions and related trading partner testing
  • Experience with navigating through large dynamic organizations and the ability to clearly and concisely convey complex business and technical concepts and issues
  • Top 3 Requirements
  • +3 years of current HIPPA x12 transaction experience,
  • Hands on experience in project coordination at the ground level with business and IT staff; communication is key to success
  • Hands on experience creating and managing project plans