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Data Visualization Consultant - Cambridge, MA

posted Jan 27, 2018, 6:29 PM by Julian Zhu   [ updated Jan 27, 2018, 6:30 PM ]

Looking for a strong Data Visualization / UI/UX Engineer to build visualization DB model.

Must be polished and able to communicate at C level.

  • Strong working knowledge of UI/UX initiatives from discovery, research, design, prototyping, requirements definition, and full-scale development
  • Understanding of UI design intents and interaction design towards delivery of compelling and effective visual communication tools
  • Proven experience in development of desktop, mobile and web-based User Interfaces for data visualization
  • Adept at front-end development tools such as HTML/CSS/JavaScript and experience with UI frameworks and libraries (D3, REACT, Qt, etc.)
  • Experience at turning large data sets for Apple products (from function data to cosmetic data) into easy to read interactive visuals
  • Experience with design of interactive data visuals for the visualization of multi-dimensional data sets and blending with product imagery
  • A good level of comfort with programming in Java, Obj-C, GO, C++ or Python and strong understanding of object oriented programming principles
  • Adept at software development for both prototyping and enterprise-grade data dashboards for visualization of manufacturing process and product information
  • Working knowledge of applied statistics (descriptive and inferential) preferred
  • Knowledge in processing large data sets from querying (SQL based), collating and organizing towards development of a fully automated data analysis pipeline
  • A working level understanding of the principles of data science from wrangling, cleaning, collation and querying through various methods such as JS, Shell scripts or SQL
  • Strong understanding of securing user interfaces though authentication and access control via a variety of methods (open directory, certificates, oAuth* tokens, etc.)
  • Understanding of the current tools and trends in data visualization
  • Understanding of software development life-cycle and adept at prototype building from idea through concept and demonstration